How Are Websites Built

First The Basic Ingredients

  1. Site Files
    • Website design codes that include text, tables, bars, footers, and more.
    • Codes to program the site so that it responds to the user when buttons are clicked.
    • server side code.
    • Databases.
    • Pictures, video, audio and other files.
  2. Hosting
  3. After the site is fully designed and programmed, the site cannot be available on the Internet except with the presence of hosting,There are types of hosting that differ from each other, for example, the amount of data allowed to be stored, the number of visits, the number of email allowed to be created, and more features. Among the types of hosting:

    • (Shared Hosting)This means that the server is fragmented, that is, it is divided into a group of people who share the same server, so the server resources are divided among them.
    • (VPS Hosting)It is a server divided into virtual servers with higher resources than shared hosting.
    • (Dedicated Server)It is a special server with all its features and resources without anyone participating in this server, and the price of this type is the most expensive among other types.
    • (Cloud Hosting)It means that the location data is divided into a number of servers around the world and this type is characterized by high speed.
    Some Famous Hosting Companies
  4. Domain
  5. Domain is the domain of your site (address) like: / /, and more.The domain is not limited to dot com, but there are many others: .net/.org/.info and more

    After getting the domain, you have to link the domain to your hosting account

  6. SSL Certificate
  7. After you get the hosting and connect the hosting to the domain, you need one last step which is to secure the site with an SSL certificate, this certificate is often given by hosting companies but on a paid basis but you can get a certificate for free from the site:


Secondly The Other Components

  1. If your e-commerce site has paid products, you need a payment gateway to accept payments on your site, there are many e-payment gateways.
  2. There are sites that allow you to access the traffic source of your website, the most visited countries, the number of daily visits, and other advantages.
  3. Companies that help you get more clients.
  4. Sites that optimize search engines so that your site appears in the first results, which is called (SEO).
  5. You can profit from your site once you get high traffic by displaying ads, but provided that you meet some conditions of the advertising company on your site.
  6. And many other services provided by many sites in order for your site to be at a high level.
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